There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.  Acts 20:35

Our church and mission are supported by us all. At Covenant we give with our time, talents, and money. We can now provide our financial contributions in multiple ways; on-line, bank debits, mail, or traditional offering plate. All methods of giving provide the funds to the church treasurer for normal disposition. If you are a member, be sure and include your “envelope account number” in your transaction to ensure proper accounting for tax purposes. Please contact the church office at with any questions related to methods for providing financial contributions.

Giving On-Line at Covenant’s Website (right here!)
Giving online is safe and easy. This new method of giving allows you to set up automatic contributions or make one-time contributions, and easily view a record of your on-line transactions. Click Here to Give Online or use the form below. [Note: Contact a church officer if you experience any technical difficulties!]

Giving Through Automatic Bank Debits or Bill Pay Services
Using your bank’s automatic debit or bill pay services can also be a very convenient way to contribute for some. This method of giving provides for automatic contributions to be set-up through your bank. For automatic debit transactions, contact Covenant’s office for forms. Bill Pay services can be established directly with your bank.

Giving by U.S. Mail
If it is more convenient, you can also provide contributions to Covenant by sending a check by mail directly to Covenant’s office.

Giving In-Person on Sundays
Of course, you can always just place your contribution in the collection plate during worship!